Aviongoo Marketing Team

Invites Aviation Professionals and Aircraft Dealers to Participate

Search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and others vary over time and geography. But a recent search on the three top engines for the search term ~ used aircraft statistics ~ showed Aviongoo to be at or near the top. In the case of Google there were about 98,000,000 results and Aviongoo ( was at the top.

For ~ aircraft for sale listing statistics ~ Aviongoo was joined at the top by jetnet among 126,000,000 search-engine results on Google. For a term such as ~ used aircraft listings ~ that has 10,700,000 results, Aviongoo appears on page one along with the older dominant companies in the listings business such as controller, trade-a-plane and aso.

For Aircraft Dealers, Aviongoo believes their $10 per month aircraft listing will capture new eyes to expand viewership of their aircraft for sale listings. There are those in any market that prefer statistics and Aviongoo believes Aircraft Dealers will benefit from the additional exposure.

The cost for Premium Membership is just $10 a month. For that membership you can enjoy access to market history information, easy data downloads of targeted owner lists and much more. Aviongoo invites all their guests, free members and premium members to drop by for a visit.

Another target market for Aviongoo are FBOs. An FBO that is a Premium Member at Aviongoo can see a list of the renewed or new FAA registrations of aircraft within a 300-mile radius of their location. They can then use that marketing information to seek new fuel business or service business. Those FBOs with this Aviongoo service will have a marketing advantage.

Aircraft owners already benefit with short-term Premium Memberships at Aviongoo. Unlike aviation professionals that have spent years with Aviongoo since the website opened in 2006, the short-term members do research, make their more informed purchase, and return in the future to Aviongoo to research for subsequent purchases.

Aircraft owners, tax-collectors, law-enforcement, FAA personnel, and the media have all been served in various ways when doing research on Aviongoo. Much of the basic data is free. For example when the FAA noticed a gap in registration renewals, Aviongoo prepared state-by-state data presentations in response to the focus upon local resolution to the problem.

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