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Let`s Be Adult About FAA Registrations

By Aviongoo Marketing Team
updated 01/29/2023 01:24 AM ET

FAA registrations have been public for decades. The Internet has been public for over two decades. Any user of the Internet knows by now that public information on the Internet will be displayed in public places on the Internet. Any user of the Internet knows by now that public information from one Internet source will be combined with as many other sources as exist simply because it is possible and someone might find the information useful.

In the case of businesses, it is often advantageous to have your data indexed and available to as many niche markets as possible. We would love to have Aviongoo.com mentioned in millions of places. Please feel free to do so!

In the case of individuals, that may or may not be the case. Even for some businesses that may or may not be the case. However, and this is most important, YOU put your information in the public FAA registrations so what are we supposed to assume? Since we rarely receive complaints, it is far less time-consuming to address complaints one by one and in a singular manner. And, it would be virtually impossible to resolve the issue from the other direction because we have only small percentages of email addresses compared to the hundreds of thousands of registrations in the public FAA registratons database. The percentage of valid phone numbers is higher, however, it is rare a valid phone number is answered. People just do not like to be bothered and we have zero interest in calling to bother them.

How The Issue Arises

We receive less than a dozen complaints per year from seriously upset folks. Usually they have discovered with a couple clicks of the mouse they can see a map to their house. No wonder they are upset! If they do not want a map to their location they need to take action immediately. Unfortunately, these few complaints often land in an Aviongoo inbox. Let us explain a few things.

  1. Aviongoo did not provide the street address - it came from the public FAA registrations database.

  2. Aviongoo did not provide the phone number - it came from the whitepages.com website - where your public information exists.

  3. Aviongoo did not produce the map to your location - it came from Google Maps or MapQuest.

Thousands, perhaps millions of websites might allow their users to "connect the dots" as Aviongoo does. Then, a few people get upset because Aviongoo did a good job of providing the contact information that thousands of aviation professions are seeking to find.

It Is Simple To Resolve Your Issue

The most irritating aspect of the few emails we do receive is the response to our response. In the past we have tailored an individual response addressing all the issues. But the "demand" in the email is for us to "stop". The fact of the matter is that hundreds of other aviation websites can, and do, provide the same information. It is often the case that Aviongoo has provided better indexing, or better procedures, to allow aviation professions to get the information they want to do their jobs more effectively.

To resolve the issue the aircraft owner needs to be active. Aviongoo can not and therefore will not resolve the issue for the aircraft owner. Here are the recommendations Aviongoo makes so that the issue is resolved.

  • Contact Google Maps for any ". . . infringing or inappropriate nature of the photo . . . " and they may or may not agree.

  • Contact MapQuest for any ". . . infringing or inappropriate nature of the photo . . . " and they may or may not agree.

  • Contact whitepages.com and request your number be removed.

  • Establish an agent or alternate information and file the appropriate FAA registration form to remove your personal information.

The FAA will definitely make the changes for you.

Now, the key to all this is YOU need to be active in fixing the problem. All day long Aviongoo could try to contact the FAA, Google, WhitePages, MapQuest and many others and ZERO would be accomplished for YOU.

What Aviongoo does - is not about YOU. What Aviongoo does is provide the best and most complete information possible to aviation professionals. This includes FAA employees. It includes national security personnel. State sales tax organizations have used Aviongoo. It includes paid members, free members and guests. If the aviation and aircraft information exists in the public domain and our software collects that information there is simply no reason to suspect the information should not be classified and displayed to the members or guests.

Within a week (sometimes 14 days) of YOU taking your current information out of the public domain, it magically disappears from Aviongoo. You do not need to ask, it just goes away automatically. It is usually the case that personnel at Aviongoo never knew your information existed on Aviongoo, especially if you are not a paying customer.

Why Should You Really Care?

You should really care because far too much personal information is available concerning you and your family on the Internet. Why anyone puts their information on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn is often beyond our comprehension. We can understand using those websites for business information. But personal information should be private to our way of thinking.

So, perhaps the first thing YOU should do is visit all the reference websites you can connect to from Aviongoo concerning yourself. Identify all those websites and you will have a great starting point to get those websites to remove your personal information. In investigating details to respond to prior emails we have seen other websites display:

  • children`s names and ages

  • spouse information and ages

  • housing address and other information

  • financial details

  • vehicle and other property ownership information

  • school and college information

and on and on. And, do you know what changes if half the aviation websites that link to your data suddenly closed down tomorrow? Absolutely nothing. That same data would be out there on the Internet in the same original source location. The remaining aviation websites and newly created aviation webstes would rise in the Internet rankings and replace the half that previously closed down. Your personal data would still be exposed - because YOU took no action to stop the data at the source.

We encourage you to be proactive and fix the problem at the source.

Is Aviongoo The Original Source For Any Of The Data?

The only data that might be considered "original source" from Aviongoo is a small portion of the "Aircraft Dealers" database table. If the "Aircraft Dealer" no longer wishes to be considered an "Aircraft Dealer" we will be happy to remove that former "Aircraft Dealer" from our database. Such removal does not affect history records that include prior listings for that former "Aircraft Dealer". Our history records never change since that would be rewriting history. Members, law-enforcement and others would not understand if we arbitrarily began rewriting history.

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