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Airplane Owners and Aviation Professionals Are Foreclosed Upon Too

By Aviongoo Marketing Team
updated 01/29/2023 01:25 AM ET

Why does the President of this country have to divide us? Until Obama I do not recall a single President that single-handedly has tried to pit neighbor against neighbor as much as Obama. Typically the tax-code has been used by Congress to favor one group over another by 74,000 pages of tax code. It stinks but I guess they have to payoff the lobbyists that provide election funds somehow.

But Obama attacked the aircraft industry during the bailout of the GM and Chrysler unions and now once again he is attacking the aviation industry in his demands that we increase his national credit card. That`s the last thing we need to do.

But more to my specific subject, Obama`s attacks do not just affect corporate jet owners and buyers. Aviation provides some of the more highly technical jobs in this country. Our children grow up to become the scientists, mathematicians and engineers that design the next greatest thing in the aerospace business. They want folks to buy aircraft so they can keep their jobs. There are the well-paid manufacturing talent, both union and non-union, that manufacturer these aircraft. There are parts suppliers. There are communities that support all these tax-paying citizens. With less aircraft being purchased even the passengers of our airlines will eventually pay more in the long-term. When Obama is attacking aircraft owners he is attacking both the value of our scientific education as well as everyone associated with the aviation business.

What have we all done to hurt you President Obama? Is getting re-elected by pandering to your base really worth the destruction of a key part of our high-end jobs? Do you want everyone to work at minimum-wage jobs? Would that make you happy?

We have recently heard of Aviation websites that are staying open but their employees are losing their homes. We could stay silent no longer. We just noticed a surge in FAA registration changes. We suspect that millions of dollars were lost just after Obama made his recent remarks. That means some folks lost their jobs, some folks lost their homes, some folks lost their business. Please stop President Obama. We are all human beings no matter how much you hate the fact that some folks had enough money at one time to fund business activities that included an aircraft purchase.

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