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If You Use Internet Explorer, Please Read This

By Aviongoo Marketing Team
updated 01/29/2023 01:24 AM ET

Back with version 6 of Internet Explorer to version 9 today Microsoft decided that you should have numerous privacy options when using the Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately it is Microsoft that determines the impact on your viewing habits. Often this means even your selection of medium in Microsoft parlance makes it impossible for competitive websites to be competitive with websites that have chosen not to conform to Microsoft dictates.

For example, while Controller has a Privacy Policy they have chosen not to implement it in a way that conforms to the Microsoft dictates. After looking at the numerous possible Microsoft configurations, Aviongoo has decided to take a slightly different approach. Aviongoo setup a Privacy Policy that you can view from the Microsoft Safety-Webpage privacy policy link, however Aviongoo decided not to consider the Microsoft interpretation. Instead, we recommend that once you understand the Aviongoo policy is no better or worse than your typical website, you should take action to make your use of Aviongoo more enjoyable.

Allow Cookies From Aviongoo

If you followed the above advice you should have seen along the way the choices to Always allow this site to use cookies. That is not the Microsoft browser default choice. You should click that button and then press OK.

With that task completed, once you log in to Aviongoo and then return later to login, you should not have to login. Your login information should be retained.

For Firefox and other browser users this is the default anyway. Microsoft just likes to be different and more difficult as we have observed many times over the years.

What Are The Benefits Of Allowing Aviongoo Cookies?

There are two key features. One main cookie allows Aviongoo to log you in automatically each time you visit the Aviongoo website. A second Aviongoo cookie is often used in places where a user is not logged in but decides to login AND past history indicates returning to the page where the decision was made to login is better for the user than sending the user to the home page instead. Those are the two main cookies used.

Virtually all websites track where their visitors go on the website. Marketing at Aviongoo wants to know more all the time about where to build new features and where to change the Aviongoo website to better meet visitor needs. The goal of course is to get you to data and other information you find valuable. We have to create more and better valuable information all the time. If we do not, you will be unwilling to stay and unwilling to pay for premium features.

Questions or Problems

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy or if you have difficulty allowing cookies, please Contact Us from the home page.

Thanks for using Aviongoo!

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