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Airline Passengers: You Can Check For Year Manufactured

By Aviongoo Marketing Team
updated 01/29/2023 01:25 AM ET

Passengers, you can discover the year manufactured for the aircraft on which you are about to embark. When you get to the gate, look out the window and write down the tail-number from the aircraft. The tail-number is actually the registration number of the aircraft. In many countries it is called the registration mark.

Next, open your smart phone (or use the smart phone of a friend) and start the browser. Enter the URL m.aviongoo.com which is formatted for the small screen. (For iPad users or laptop users, just use the main website at http://www.aviongoo.com and look for the box near the middle of the screen.)

You can skip the security boxes since tail-number lookup does not require security. Use the dropdown menu and select Tail-Number Lookup. On that screen, enter the tail-number you wrote down earlier. Then press GO.

The result will be several pieces of information about the aircraft and its ownership. One of the pieces of information will be the year manufactured.

Please remember that aircraft maintenance requirements are strict. The FAA makes adjustments as needed based upon facts learned over time. If you are concerned about recent aircraft metal fatigue issues, you could suggest to the FAA that they require cycles information be entered in the FAA registration database upon each renewal. (A cycle is one takeoff and subsequent landing and is considered to be a factor in metal fatigue.)

That is it! Have a happy flight.

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