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Welcome To Our New Home Page

By Aviongoo Marketing Team
updated 01/29/2023 13:03 PM ET

Welcome to our new home page. As some of you have noted the look of our website has changed recently - except for the home page. Aviongoo needed a new coat of paint. And, our new internal structures will allow for easier update in the future.

Many new features have been introduced as internal pages have been restructured. For example, a "serial number lookup" has been added to the "aircraft for sale" web page functionality. It gives our member community the opportunity to search for an aircraft owner even if a registration number is not provided.

But today (4/3/2011) with the introduction of the new home page we are introducing a slew of new features. We are still working on new features, but, we see no reason not to introduce the new home page today. We are introducing new features all the time anyway.

So, have fun! Submit articles for publication if you so desire. We have loads of articles in the works. Send in your suggestions for the Events Now "chatter" page. If you have issues or suggestions, please send them along to sales@aviongoo.com with details. And, tell all your friends about Aviongoo.

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