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Aircraft for Sale - New on Market, New On The Used Aircraft Market

Listed here are aircraft that have recently been placed on the market for sale. In general they have been listed for sale by an aircraft dealer or broker that pays one or more listing services. The below list of aircraft for sale was created by keeping track of aircraft that are listed on any of the major listing services. When an aircraft is listed it generally shows up here in less than 24 hours. New Aircraft on Used Market Feed

Aircraft Recently New on Market
1. 2007 R-44 Clipper 2H P   Call OY-HTF
2. 1980 F-172 Skyhawk NH P   Call D-EIKT +49 6152 950948
FMS Aircraft Maintenance
3. 1987 S-1 S projectH P   Call N-reg 004917634592079
Aircrafts and Parts
4. 1985 C90 King Air 1/2 shareH P   Call D-IIKM 0041764454545
Curņ Vital
5. 1955 PA-18-150 Super Cub 160H P   Call C-FIJK +1 3068607665
Gerry Marcil
6. 1971 F-177-RG Cardinal sale/shareH P   Call G-AYSY +447776246886
Guy Davies
7. 1978 PA-28-181 Archer IIH P   Call G-KAIR +44 7584064729
Flightline Aviation
8. 2012 Sportsman 2 plus 2 P   Call
9. 1991 PZL-Okecie PZL-110 Koliber 150H P   Call D-ERUG 0049 3871 443399
Salomo Flugzeugservice GmbH
10. 1978 F-28 CH P   Call S5-HCO 0038641683565
Filip Kranjec
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