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Aircraft for Sale - New on Market, New On The Used Aircraft Market

Listed here are aircraft that have recently been placed on the market for sale. In general they have been listed for sale by an aircraft dealer or broker that pays one or more listing services. The below list of aircraft for sale was created by keeping track of aircraft that are listed on any of the major listing services. When an aircraft is listed it generally shows up here in less than 24 hours. New Aircraft on Used Market Feed

Aircraft Recently New on Market
1. 1987 B36TC BONANZA C   Call +13369337034
Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
2. 1988 A36 BONANZA C   Call +13369337034
Carolina Aircraft, Inc.
3. 1992 A36 BONANZA C   Call +16363844018
St. Louis Aircraft Sales
4. 1992 A36 BONANZA C   Call +14063591669
LifeStyle Aviation
5. 1995 8-KCAB SUPER DECATHLON C   Call 303-720-1353
Sam Cutler
6. 2001 A36 BONANZA C   Call +19548096181
Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc
7. 2015 HUSKY A-1C-200 C   Call +19144407011
Aviat Aircraft Inc.
8. 2019 HUSKY A-1C-180 C   Call +19144407011
Aviat Aircraft Inc.
9. 1959 SUPER CUB C   Call +12253067084
Hancock Aviation LLC
10. 1991 F33A BONANZA C   Call 901-395-4787
Kenny Wright
11. 2006 TURBO 206H STATIONAIR C   Call 800-237-8987
Aberdeen Flying Service
12. 2008 TURBO 206H STATIONAIR C   Call +15307596036
Woodland Aviation
13. 2009 LEGACY 600 C   Call +19547725205
14. 2013 SR22-G5 TURBO C   Call +13174141044
Solutions Aviation
Single-Engine Piston
15. 1980 33 Bonanza F33A G500H P   Call F-GJFN +33609138969
Bernard Vercoutere
Twin-Engine Piston
16. 2017 DA62 C   Call +15625482418
Aero City Group
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